Monday, August 23, 2010

Irresistible Portraits: Photographic Society of the Triangle

Karen was asked to share a marketing seminar with the Photographic Society of the Triangle last week. Monday evening, she shared some insight on what has kept Irresistible Portraits cranking through this hard times. The event was held at the recently renovated Sheraton Imperial in Durham, NC, where the PPNC convention and events are held.

Karen's marketing seminars normally come across as a motivational speech, because as you'll notice, we're not sitting around waiting on our next client. You have to constantly have something to offer and our marketing wheels are always turning.

We've gotten some great feedback from Monday's seminar already.

Great presentation Karen. I'm fired up to get to the studio in the morning! -Mark Jacoby

You were great Karen! I love your energy! I don't think I will sleep much tonight - my gears are working! -Leslie Privette

God has blessed you richly; Thank you for sharing with us at PST and for giving Him the glory!
-On behalf of PST membership, Elizabeth Burgess

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share what works for IP.

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Blogger Sue Rakes said...

Karen is quite a speaker and super informative...I cannot tell you how inspired I was and how blessed I felt to have Karen and her crew with us! Thank you guys for taking the time out to teach us exactly what we need to to learn!

September 15, 2010  

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